“If you are afraid to speak against tyranny,

“If you are afraid to speak against tyranny, then you are already a slave.” –author John “Birdman” Bryant (1943-2009)

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” –American author Mark Twain (1835-1910)

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” ~~ Edmund Burke

Beware The C.I.N.O.’s

We’ve all seen these disgusting hypocrites claiming to be believers, but denying the power the Spirit brings.  Every believer fails because they are human, but these C.I.N.O’s celebrate their sin and perversity.  Time to fight back!  Time to expose them for what they are.  The title ‘Christian’ has become laughable.  This cannot stand.  Armor up and get into the fight.  Brother Ray says “Start Pushing Back.”




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From Selco’s blog:  http://shtfschool.com/general/guest-post-archery-vs-firearms-whats-the-best-shtf-weapon/

Guest Post – Archery Vs Firearms – What’s The Best SHTF Weapon?


As a survivalist, you’re always loyal to your weapon. Regardless of your choice of weapon – whether it’s a gun or bow – you always believe that you’ve got the most efficient weapon to handle any SHTF situation that rolls before you

But which one comes on top? A gun or a bow?

None is really better than other; each can kill efficiently. However, each of them has its strengths and weaknesses, and this can guide you into picking the right weapon that serves your short-term or long-term survival needs.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at each weapon and their pros and cons to help you make a wiser decision on the right weapon for you.

Let’s do this:

 Archery for SHTF Weapon

Now the survival bows have been there for centuries. The modern day bow, however, has undergone some transformations to make it even more efficient. Just like the guns, you’ll find bows of different sizes and shapes – depending on your needs.

An ideal survival bow can just be anything – from a simple twig and paracord to the high-end takedown bows with 80lbs plus draw in the bug out bag.

Before you can become a pro at using your bow, you’ll need to take some archery lessons. Otherwise, you’ll always fail whenever you try to shoot your target.

Proper training, practice and use of bow add-ons that enhance accuracy – such as the single pin bow sight – you’ll become a pro archer in no time!


– Bows are ideal weapons for long-term survivalists, given that even if you run out of ammo, you’ll still be ok. Even if a deer runs with your last arrow on its leg, you can still make new arrows from the surrounding materials – in either urban or wild environment – and get back to hunting.

– Another great attribute of the arrows is that they operate silently (more so when you use the string silencer correctly). This helps keep your location a secret and make it difficult for your enemy to track you.

– If your enemy is smart, he can easily track your location by using the direction they saw the arrow coming from. Luckily, you can take advantage of the slow speed of the arrow compared to the bullet to change your spot long before the arrow you fired hits the target.

– In case you want to set your target on fire, the bow is the easiest way to do so. By simply firing a flaming arrow, you can set your target on fire right from your spot.

– It’s possible to make a functional bow out of any stuff you find in the urban environment or woods. Though such a bow might not be as accurate as the commercial ones, it will still work in a SHTF scenario.


– For you to start using your bow and arrow appropriately and accurately, you’ll need to take some training which is not easy. All the professional archers you see took years to master archery skills. If you just grabbed your arrow for the first time, it will not work well on you without the basic archery skills.

– Unlike the rifle shots, bow shots ought to be done from a relatively closer range. This means you’ve to be as much careful as possible as you try to get closer without alerting your target of your presence. Most survival bows require you to stand around 30-50 yards from the target.

– Arrows usually occupy a lot of space – a typical quiver accommodates 6-10 arrows – and given that each bolt weighs around 20grams, it might be a bit cumbersome compared to your rifle.


Firearm for SHTF Weapon

A gun is probably the most powerful weapon. It’s capable of hitting a target 600 plus yards away accurately and effortlessly. The ammo can drop your target on the spot, taking away the need to track down the animal.

However, a firearm has one some top con that makes it an excellent choice for short-term survival situations only. And one of these cons is that they run out of ammo (and you can’t reuse the ammo), leaving you defenseless…


– The firearms ability to take down your target on the spot with less effort is incredible! This is something you’ll not be able to experience with your bow as you’ll still have to track down the target after successfully shooting it.

– Unlike the bows, rifles are incredibly easy to pick up and even learn how to stop a target in its tracks. You don’t need to attend anyone’s class to learn how to use your rifle; just a few basics and you’re ready to go.

– With firearms, you’ll enjoy a wider range that with the bow. Of course, this will depend on the type of gun you use, type of metal used to make the bullet, and the weight of the ammo powder grain. Nevertheless, you’ll still be able to enjoy a wider range than a bow – even with the simple .22LR round.


– Ammo shortages are the main drawback when it comes to the use of firearms. You ought to make every shot round count as you can’t reuse the ammo once it’s fired. This will not do well in your survival situation.

– Guns are pretty LOUD! This can present you with many challenges in a SHTF scenario, especially when you want to make your stand a secret.

– Guns require regular maintenance. If you fail to clean your weapon, you won’t be able to shoot with it in the long term. Rounds might get jammed mid-barrel, or they might blow apart your gun assembly. Such cases will damage your survival weapon beyond repair.

Final Verdict – Which Weapon Should You Pick?

For a long time now, the rifle has been regarded as the best SHTF weapon. However, bows are also viable SHTF weapons. The type of weapon you choose to go with really depends on the SHTF situation you’re in. For example, it would be wiser to use your bow for hunting for food as well as home defense.

Even when you’re using your gun, you would also want to have bow by your side to act as a backup weapon, just in case you run out of ammo.

So, start practicing archery skills since you never know the day you’ll desperately need to use a bow in a survival situation.

Selco’s Comments:

My simplest and shortest answer to this question would be that gun is better weapon than a bow when SHTF. My reasons are numerous, but most important is simply because gun’s are easily available to me, and a lot of ammunition too, and spare parts, and knowledge about it, more firepower etc etc. So simply it makes sense to me. Remembering I have „been there  done that“, I am not discussing this in an academic way, I am reaching into my personal experiences…

But it is not the end of the story of course. A bow as a secondary weapon, or in some specific situations as a weapon of first choice might make sense too (for example matter of silence, matter of making point, psychological impact of finding man with arrow in chest… or similar)

So yes, it makes perfect sense to say „Yes. I want to know everything about bow hunting (not only animals)“ it makes much more sense then to say “ I have a gun, I do not want to know anything about bow making or bow hunting because I have gun“

Guns are much better weapon for SHTF, but it make sense to know and have a bow for sure. Why would we not  think here in the in terms of“ two is one, and one is none“?

I have some doubts about making good and usable (urban SHTF settings ) bow, but again lot of people have doubts for example about usability (and value) of crowbar type tool (or weapon) in urban SHTF,  because lack of real life experience, so it my be my case too.

Actually why we would not have and know everything about gun, bow, knife and spear too for example. It is not about „what is best“, it is about more options.

I definitely appreciate any good (and real life experience) data and review about any tool and weapon usable for SHTF.

What is most important here is that as a survivalist, and some experience in that survivalism, my loyalty to the weapon goes only to the extent how good it serves me, it needs to be loyal to ME, it needs to get the job done.

I do not have any kind of attachment to that weapon other than to perfectly know how to use it and to make it happen (to finish that „job“ ), if I find better weapon I will start to use that better weapon, if in particular situation some other weapon will do better job( knife? Piece of rock? Sling?) I will use it without thoughts and concerns about loyalty and attachment to previous weapon.

Firearm is best weapon for SHTF, most commonly used, with best results, but yes, if there is situation for usage of other kind of weapon then use it (and know how) without thinking about loyalty and attachments.

We are talking here about tools to get job done, nothing more. Thanks Jennifer for a great article to provoke some thoughts and discussion. I look forward to reading the comments on your article…

Suarez And Earp





Recently at my forum, we had a discussion regarding an interview that had been done with none other than Wyatt Earp, back in the 1930s in the Saturday Evening Post.   Earp said to his biographer –

“The most important lesson I learned from those proficient gunfighters was the winner of a gunplay usually was the man who took his time.”

Apparently realizing that a statement like that would be taken out of context, he continued –

“Perhaps I can best describe such time taking as going into action with the greatest speed of which a man’s muscles are capable, but mentally unflustered by an urge to hurry or the need for complicated nervous and muscular actions which trick-shooting involves. Mentally deliberate, but muscularly faster than thought, is what I mean.”

That last explanation is it right there…and still misunderstood to this day.

The dichotomy of speed – or taking one’s time quickly – is simply boiled down to “Being Deliberate”.

I recall my early days learning from some of the best police shooters of the day (in the sense of killing bad guys). Being “deliberate” was their mantra. Cold, calculated, albeit not slow in the sense of what we know as “s-l-o-w”.

But deliberate.

Being quick, but not rushing.

Not being amped up…not being “spastic”.

Setting the tempo, not reacting to the tempo.

I recall years later when teaching with Chuck Taylor, and his insistence on the stop watch, and how that produced spastic, time-focused shooters, seeking to beat the clock, rather than deliberate shooters.

Everyone is fast enough…even the slowest guys, but not everyone has been taught to be deliberate in the act of killing.

It seems the English language is one of opposites…one can be slow or one can be fast. And the illiterate would say, “slow is fast”. Actually it isn’t. They are trying to use words in a way they do not understand, to convey a feeling…a physical sense of calmness under fire…of grace under pressure.

The killer gunman is not agitated, and certainly not slow. He is deliberate in the act of killing his adversary…and if there is any outward expression of his sentiments…he smiles.

Some will say the “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” is a commentary on practice method. Yes it is…”as a commentary on practice method”. The problem is most instructors could not explain, in an eloquent manner, the step by step process of wiping the drippings off their nasal orifice, much less explain the intricacies of what “smooth is fast” really means.So you end up with the opposite of the Taylor-Time-Freaks…shooters forcing themselves to be excessively slow.

“Deliberate” is too complicated a word to define, but we certainly know a deliberate action when we see it.  The opposite of deliberate is a flinching, fear-driven, rushed action. A sentiment of “getting it over with”.  An attack dog bites deliberately, whereas a frightened dog bites out of fear aggression.

Reflecting on the old life…far too many guys fired out of fear. And while they may have been marvelous competitors, they missed on the street.  They were not deliberate…quite to the contrary. They fired out of fear.

They were afraid for their lives, afraid they were not up to the task, afraid of getting in trouble, afraid of missing, afraid of the criminal…in short…AFRAID.

Being deliberate has a basis in not being afraid, and contrary to the motivations of those other people.

The men that killed bad guys with more regularity than the others…they were different. They may not have said anything as the notion of keeping one’s opinions and feelings to themselves was very well entrenched by then, but “afraid” was hardly what would describe them. They were predators in their hearts and in their minds.  And their deliberate actions reflected it.

The best mental picture is this – if animals could wield weapons – how would a Gazelle handle a weapon when a Tiger was coming after them? And then – visualize how would a Tiger handle a weapon when going after a Gazelle. One is a prey animal and afraid of the predator. The other is in fact a predator.

It is a vastly different attitude.  Some men have this attitude naturally, yet others cultivate it through training. But if one is to be deliberate…the sort of “deliberate” Earp spoke about…action borne of fear will never develop it.


It Doesn’t Bother Me Anymore

At one time I had some concerns about justifying shooting a woman or child, not to myself, but to others.  Stories like this have changed my attitude.  I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks anymore, it’s my job to take care of business, not to justify my actions to bleeding-heart,no-brain, Marxists who are as much a part of the problem as the terrorists.

I am tired of trying to talk sense and explain the realities of this world to people that are too stupid to understand, refuse to understand, and don’t want to understand.  So, I will do what needs to be done and to hell with those that oppose me doing my job.  I am an equal opportunity shooter when it comes to terrorists.

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