Were the Obama Scandals “Phony?”



That all depends on the meaning of  “sex” “phony.”

There is a procedure through which the Obama Scandals can be deemed to be phony regardless of the facts. Consider the procedural device attempted to be used to “deem” ObamaCare to have been passed by the House without voting on it. Hence, anyone prepared to deem something false to be true or vice versa can easily deem any or all of the Obama Scandals phony.

There are also other useful ploys. Some common definitions and synonyms for “phony” are provided at the link. In a bipartisan effort to be fair — in a common sense way to President Obama — here are a few additional definitions under which any Obama Scandal can be rationalized as phony.

♥ Since everything reported by His Legitimate Media is intended to glorify Him, anything that fails to do so must have come from a rogue…

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