Gunrunner: Three more Fast and Furious weapons found at Mexican crime scene


America's Watchtower

  I know that for all intents and purposes the Fast and Furious investigation came to an end when Eric Holder ran to Barack Obama and begged him to seal the documents which I believe would have implicated him in this scandal, but I still wanted to take a brief moment to share with you the latest news, for whatever it is worth at this point.

  Eric Holder once said that weapons linked to Fast and Furious would continue to be recovered violent crime scenes and this is the one time during his testimony that he actually told the truth. Three more weapons linked to Fast and Furious were recovered at a crime scene in Mexico. Way to go Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Janet Napolitano. You are all leaving yourselves quite a legacy.

  The good news is that there are now three less Obama regime…

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