Livin’ The Infantry Dream: Or, How to NOT Cripple Yourself Before the Age of 25. A Brief Treatise on Boot Selection and Foot Care for Security Patrolling in UW Environments



The gentlemen at WRSA posted a very good introduction to basic foot care from a reader recently, at the following post:


While there is a great deal of wisdom in both the original post and some of the comments, I’m going to take the opportunity to add to the conversation, based on my personal experiences, growing up in the Ranger Regiment in the early ’90s, walking my way through SFAS, and hiking more miles than I care to count, both as a SF soldier, and on my own time, having hiked a large chunk of the Appalachian Trail, almost half of the CDT, as well as various back country solo treks throughout the western US and Alaska.

I was sitting at the PX at Ft. Wainwright in Alaska once, while on leave, waiting for a cab to show up to drive me and my heavy-ass Dana Designs…

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