“Do Not Call Anyone, ‘Father’, except God”- Jesus. Pope Francis Disagrees. Obviously.


Short Little Rebel


Most of my Christian friends have called Catholicism a cult.  I have never agreed.  But having observed these Catholics attacking me in such a vile manner has opened my eyes to an inherent danger in Catholicism- namely, their disobedience to Christ’s command that we never call a human, ‘Father’ or ‘Rabbi’ or even, ‘Teacher’.  Because the Catholic Church chose to disobey this clear command outlined in fine detail in the entire chapter of Matthew 23, they now suffer from a significant percentage of people who idolize the pope.  The people who are attacking me actually say that I am ‘blaspheming’ against the Pope!  Imagine that.  Blaspheming a mere man.  How can that be?  One can only blaspheme against God!  To some, the Pope has become God.  This is what comes of disobeying Christ.

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