Knock Out Game Vigilante Sought In Thanksgiving Day Shooting of Bronx Thugs !

Sure, play the game – if you have a death wish.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

What the hell did they expect? No one seems to be doing anything about it.

The media spreads outright lies and misinformation..

And people are getting sick and tired of this!!

SO really…what do they expect?

Knock Out Game Vigilante Sought In Thanksgiving Day Shooting of Bronx Thugs

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Obama Is No Friend Of Israel

Whether or not you like Israel, they are a better ally than Hezbollah terrorists.


Is Obama Planning The Destruction Of Israel?



” Two Kuwaiti newspapers are reporting that the White House has been holding negotiations with the Hezbollah terrorists, through Great Britain.  The US is forbidden from having direct contact with terrorists.  The talks have been going on for a year now, about the same length of time as talks with Iran.  So what would Obama want from Hezbollah and Iran as well as Hamas?  They do share one goal, the destruction of Israel.  Sure, Obama is friendly to the Jews when he is looking for campaign contributions from AIPAC but as a long time friend of the AAAN and it’s leaders, Obama has no love for Israel.

  That picture (above) came from the website owned by Ali Abunimah, Obama friend and AAAN member, who felt betrayed by Obama when he decided to run for office and went to AIPAC, the…

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Cancer patient who spoke out against Obamacare is being audited by the IRS

Beating up on sick people really makes them manly, doesn’t it?

America's Watchtower

 We already know that Barack Obama was using the IRS to target people who were opposed to the Democrats and their radical agenda before the elections, and now it is being reported that a cancer patient who spoke out publicly against Obamacare is suddenly being audited by the IRS:

A cancer patient who said publicly that his health coverage was canceled because of Obamacare now says he’s being audited by the Internal Revenue Service.

Bill Elliott appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” earlier this month and said he was told that his cancer was considered “beyond a catastrophic pre-existing condition” and his plan was being canceled because of new regulations.

“Monday I got a certified letter, I went down and got it and it’s from the IRS and they are auditing my books from 2009,” Elliott said.

He said he didn’t own a business at that time, and in fact was…

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Granny Got Her Gun…


Freedom Is Just Another Word...

And used it..

Takes a real tough dude to sucker punch a 93 year old…

“I saw her get sucker punched from behind, hard. She hit the ground, then they all start kicking her, she grabs this huge gun out of her purse and BOOM! Headshot! Game over son, ya know what I’m sayin’? Poor n*gga never had a chance.”

Head shot!

Granny Got Her Gun! 93 Year Old Sent Knockout Punks on the Run.

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