No, this isn’t turning into a movie review site.  But I did run across this at http://www.survivalblog.com and thought it looked very timely for our current situation in this country.  Please go to the site and check it out, watch the trailer, and decide if it is something you’re interested in.  http://www.dragondaymovie.com/

“Fake” News In FLA: Traveshia Blanks Arrested After “Knockout” Attacks On White Senior Citizens

Nothing fake about it.

The Mad Jewess

“Fake” News In FLA: Traveshia Blanks Arrested After “Knockout” Attacks On White Senior Citizens

Traveshia and her savage buddies were randomly attacking white seniors in ‘knockout’, the ‘fake’ hate crime which is perpetrated against whites at the hands of blacks.


Harry Hurvitz

72-year-old Fort Myers victim


Traveshia Blanks

On Tuesday, a second victim contacted the sheriff’s office. Harry Hurvitz, 89, told deputies that someone rang his doorbell, and he looked and saw several well-dressed teens standing outside his door and one of them appeared to be holding a cell phone or camera. When he opened the door, one of the juveniles suddenly and without provocation slapped him in the face The entire group then fled, laughing as they ran off. “There are lots of old ladies here who have guns and revolvers in their possession and will not open the door unless they are fully armed,” he said. “And they will just let loose.”

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