Tribes and Tribalism (Welcome to the Horde, Part Two)


Frith/The Soul of the Tribe

It can be difficult—at best—to separate these concepts one from the other. Like most things I discuss on this blog, all concepts have synergistic relationship with the others; take one away, and the others cease to have any legitimate meaning.

Frith is the state of being—the relationship, if you will—that exists between friends, brothers, kinsmen. At its heart, it means reciprocal inviolability. Think of the old cliché, “Yes, he is an asshole…but he’s OUR asshole!” and you START to get an idea of exactly what Frith implies. It doesn’t matter if you’re pissed off because your kinsman said something stupid. It doesn’t matter if you think the chieftain is being a fucktard this week; the good of the clan and the tribe come first (this is the biggest faux pas made when Anarcho-Capitalists start spouting their stupidity about “we don’t need government at all…

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