Welcome to the Horde, Part III


To begin this third installment, I feel it is necessary to take a step back and clarify—or re-clarify—some important issues. Based on the commentary here, at WRSA, and a couple of other places online, there seems to be a common misunderstanding of why I chose to write these articles, as well as an understanding of what my stance is on tribalism.

So, before I go any further, some clarifications, in order to ensure better understanding.

1) I am not advocating a return to tribalism. I don’t need to, because I believe it will be largely unavoidable. In every single society in history that has suffered a collapse of a central governing authority, we have seen a return to the natural human state of tribalism. It’s sometimes hard for people to understand or remember in an era of instant messaging and social networking media, but it is unnatural for a human…

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