Am I rightfully Disturbed? Please Help.

In speaking with a couple of deputies at the SO recently, I mentioned several recent LE abuses of power.  Neither of those officers were aware of such things happening.  They agreed that such misdeeds were wrong, but didn’t think the problem was widespread.

So, does that mean that I’m going out of my way to find stories of LE misconduct, or does that mean they are uninformed?  Since some (if not most) of these incidents are reported by the MSM, I tend toward thinking my fellow deputies are uninformed about the state of Law Enforcement in the US today.  I realize the MSM does its best to sweep these stories under the rug, and as a conservative since I get my news from alternate sources, I may be better-informed than many other LEO’s, particularly the younger crowd.

If you have a friend or neighbor LEO, or even if you happen to run into one anywhere, mention what is happening with LEO abuse of citizens and their rights, and thank them for upholding their Oath.  Are they upholding their oath?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  However, bringing to their attention your awareness of the problem in a positive manner will do much more than accusing them of being thugs (even if they are).  I’m old enough to remember being called a ‘baby killer’ by the hippies in airports (O’Hare in particular) when traveling in my Army uniform in the early 70’s.  Didn’t matter where I served or what my MOS was, the uniform made me evil.

So, citizens, do your part to educate LEO’s and remind them of their duty.  Honey, not vinegar.

And LEO’s remember not to make everyone wearing a uniform or badge a target when TSHTF by being a thug.

One comment on “Am I rightfully Disturbed? Please Help.

  1. Shilah says:

    i thank YOU for your service & would be grateful to have you as a neighbor. Thanks for your wise caution in checking things out rather than just spreading rumors – (I spent I dunno how much time today over at Farcebook posting ‘the other side of the coin’ from PoliceOne -dot-com, abut the jaywalker in Austin)…. & thanks for your encouragement to speak up (nicely). I generally am overawed by the guys in blue & just assume they are all good cops anyway.

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