Recommended Reading

considering this:

You need to read One Second After, A Distant Eden, and Lights Out to get the necessary mindset to deal with possible futures.

A few years ago, the MSM reported on Iran’s ‘failed’ missile launch.  A freighter in the Persian Gulf fired a missile over the Iranian desert and then blew it up at an altitude of 250 miles  after a 400 mile flight.  What people missed about this is that such a ‘failed’ test was actually a VERY successful test of putting a nuke over America’s heartland to create an EMP.   Iran called the test successful, just didn’t specify the parameters for ‘success.’  Maybe we should have paid more attention.

Scientists have predicted that such a nuclear burst at 250mi. altitude would affect the US from northern to southern borders, and nearly coast to coast.  The often-gamed scenario is a launch from the Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans, but simultaneous launches from ports near our East and West coasts would wipe out the electrical/electronic infrastructure completely.  Iranian freighters travel the world and are not unusual at our major seaports.  Even if we didn’t allow them in, what’s another 12 miles?  That would put them outside our national boundaries.

If you aren’t prepping, why not?  Prep physically but don’t forget mental prepping.  A Distant Eden can be read in a single sitting.  One Second After is the most realistic and frightening.  Lights Out is the longest read of the three and is the least realistic, but still a good book.  Consider that the situations presented can be learned from.  Look at the scenarios and think outside the box. 

Just like watching junk shows like ‘The Walking Dead’ can stir your imagination and help you understand individual and mob mentality, prep your mind to come to grips with a societal breakdown that just doesn’t fit in our normal paradigm.

These titles are by no means all that are available in the TEOTWAWKI genre, but they are good food for thought.  Read and ponder.

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