School Shooting Hits Russia Despite Prohibitive Gun Laws

Gun laws restricting the rights of citizens do nothing. Criminals are criminals the world over. Leave our guns alone!

Give Me Liberty

This is from Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership.

Russia has the draconian gun laws Obama and Nanny Bloomberg would like to see in America.

Yet the Ruskies have school shootings and gun crime.

It seems the pesky criminals will have a gun in spite of draconian gun laws.


Russia was hit by a rare and tragic event on Monday: a school shooting. Sergei Gordeyev, a 15-year-old student armed with his father’s hunting rifle, allegedly killed two teachers and briefly held around 20 people hostages before police detained him. Such incidents are virtually unheard of in the country, and politicians and others are offering circuitous remedies.

In an interview with Russian newspaper Pravda, the Association of Child Psychologists’ Alexander Kuznetsov blamed video game and TV violence, suggesting that they foment antisocial attitudes. The State Duma is now considering a bill that would ban shooter-based video games.

Activist Boris Altshuler suggests…

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