Learn What Will Keep You Alive

In this particular instance, I’m talking about alternative medicine.  The reason certain germs become antibiotic resistant is that the antibiotics take too long to kill them, and often just weaken them and then they have the chance to mutate.  If a treatment kills germs/viruses before they can mutate, they cannot become resistant.  Learn about natural medicine, it could save your life.


For example, during WWII the Russians often couldn’t get antibiotics or sulfa drugs due to U-Boat blockades.  The medics/doctors instead used fresh garlic oil on the soldiers’ wounds and it killed infection on contact.  Sulfa drugs were discovered by researchers working with the sulfur compound in garlic, but the refined sulfa compounds sometimes cause serious allergic reactions, so such drugs are no longer in use.  But Natural Doctors (ND’s) have found garlic still works, and has a miniscule possibility of allergic reaction. 

The Australian Tea tree’s sap can be refined to a smelly oil (smells like turpentine – I kinda like it)that kills infections on contact.  My personal experience with it is that Tea Tree Oil can often irritate the skin, but it seems to kill all kinds of stuff, even nail fungus.

In the early Catholic church the communion vessels were crafted of pure silver (not sterling silver) and the congregants passed the cup for all to partake.  But because pure silver kills germs, the entire congregation did not get sick.  Colloidal silver is a suspension of pure silver in purified water, and pure silver kills bad stuff.  Ever hear of silver sulfadine?  Expensive as all get out but the best antibiotic cream for abrasions and burns I’ve ever seen.  You can build your own colloidal silver generator for well under $20, but I can’t vouch for the final product.  The scare tactic from the MD’s (minor deities) is that it can poison you and turn your skin blue.  Poor quality colloidal silver CAN do that, so buy from a reputable source and find out how to spot the cheap junk. 

Folks, when I drive down any road, including the interstates, I look for medicinal herbs and edible plants growing in the fence rows and ditches.  You’d be amazed what’s out there.  Get some books on herbal medicine and food.  Pick the brains of your parents/grandparents/ and old guy or gal.  Start learning now, before it’s too late. 

3 comments on “Learn What Will Keep You Alive

  1. Shilah says:

    good advice, all of it !
    I have been “foraging” for wild foods & medicinal herbs for years. It’s fun! Wild food can be tasty & amazingly satisfying. (try giving up caffeine completely for a month; then have some balsam-needle tea. You’ll be amazed at the ‘pick-me-up’ it can give, when your adrenals aren’t tuckered out from caffeine’s hyper-stimulation.) And just the satisfaction of knowing “I can take care of myself, if I need to,” is such a boost to self-confidence.
    & yes the colloidal silver works. In the amounts needed to prevent or cure illness, it doesn’t turn anyone blue. You have to really overdo it for that to occur. 🙂
    be wise = be well : http://www.wikihow.com/Test-if-a-Plant-Is-Edible

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  3. nootkabear says:

    Reblogged this on J & J Ranch Stone Mountain GA and commented:
    There is a lot to Be Said About Natural Healing, Natural Medicines!

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