Dave’s Quote Of The Day

If you think zombies are fiction, start doing some research. The possibilities are more real than you’d think.

The Conservative Citizen


“There definitely would because it’s ‘not their fault; it’s an illness or disorder. The flesh-eating undead can’t be blamed.’ I can hear it now. The problem will be not enough spending on zombie issues, of course. Families with firearms who kill zombies protecting their homes will be called domestic terrorists. Those who speak out against the zombies will be labeled as bigots, and recommended for sensitivity training. OSHA will make regulations requiring that “accommodations” be made for the “animated non-living” segment of the population, both in the work place and in public spaces. Zombies will be considered innocent until proven guilty, so the courts and jails will be filled with them. Because of overcrowding and funding issues, many zombies will be released early to make room for more violent offenders, like vampires.” – Troy, my FB friend.

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