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Mason Dixon Tactical

2 Aug, 2014DSCN1359

At a class this past weekend, we had an incident that puts a glaring spotlight on the whole “Mil Spec” vs. “mil spec type” issue. While demonstrating a “bolt override” clearance drill with a student’s rifle,, the butt stock was slammed into the ground, and this happened


Although we were still able to clear the malfunction (still has a buffer tube to smack the ground with) the ability to be able to use the rifle effectively as a rifle was degraded without a buttstock. When I asked the owner what brand the stock was, he said he didn’t know but he had gotten a good deal on it. I started inspecting the stock, and you know what I found….NOTHING! No brand name, NSN, nothing.

This brings to light a problem I’ve seen in the “Tacticool” crowd. You want cool lookin’ stuff, but don’t want to pay for…

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