The Home Carry Kit Made Easy

If you are not practicing your draw from your concealed carry holster, you are NOT prepared. I use a fanny pack when I have to, but consider it a last resort just above an ankle holster. But however you choose to carry, PRACTICE YOUR DRAW!


Sites like The Truth About Guns often like to talk about home carry but don’t often go into the challenges surrounding it.


  • Complacency and Routine
    • Our home is our castle. Ideally, it is where we go to unwind and relax.
    • Our guard is lowered
  • Securing the Gun from Unauthorized Access
    • Sweat pants are not conducive to safely carrying a gun.

Before you get all that fancy gear…

  • Get a solid home defense plan in place and put it into practice!
    • Do you “lock your damn doors” routinely?
    • Does your house routinely look occupied?
      • Are your lights on?
      • Are your hedges trimmed?
    • Do you have an immediate action drill for yourself and your loved ones?
    • Do you have a designated safe room?
    • Do you have any medical supplies?

Staging Items

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Challenging human predators

Don’t unholster unless you really mean it.


Pointing guns at people you have no intention of shooting to force compliance with your demands is poor business.

–Ed Head in his article Pistol Provocation

I agree with this statement and feel it can be even further amplified from the perspective of training people how to Control a Confrontation. The statement can be, and has been, misconstrued by the inexperienced into “I believe that the first time any bad guy should know you are armed is when he sees the muzzle flash.” As a philosophy, reluctance to display a firearm without firing is a mistake. The majority of criminals are looking for a victimization not a fight. The display of a firearm by the intended victim, along with the obvious intent to use it if necessary, is an indicator that the victimization has the potential to turn into a fight. That’s not what economic predators are looking for.


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And That’s Why I’m a Prepper

And as a Christian prepper, I’m constantly looking for ways to prep to help those that God brings to me for my help.


WhyImaPrepperThe Prepper Journal

I have been a prepper for several years now and have been on both sides of probably every argument out there in some form or another at one point in my life. I don’t have the same perspective on life that I used to when I was 22. I would imagine that not many of us do still think the same way when we are in the midst of raising a family and can look back on our 20’s from a couple dozen birthdays. The music that rolled out of the radio when I graduated high school is now considered classic or vintage or my favorite, retro. When I was younger my outlook on life was almost the polar opposite from what I think now and I like to believe that I have grown up a lot. Maturity can make a big difference…

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The Special Application .22LR for Home Defense, Part 2: The Setup

Small, but size isn’t everything, placement is king.

Growing Up Guns

This will be a quick post about how I have the rifle set up.

The Rifle

The Ruger 10/22 takedown is the base gun. It came with a drilled and tapped receiver, and a weaver mount. If you don’t have a mount, any of these rails should work. Let your budget be your guide. Don’t forget the blue locktite. Dr. Sherman H. of Revolver Science uses a Nodak Spud rail w/ onboard peep sight. This one is cool because it creates a longer sight radius and because peep sights are the heat.

The AmmunitionIMG_4740

This is the single most important ‘accessory’ for any firearm. In a rimfire caliber, it’s even more so. The hit and miss ignition and feeding of rimfire .22 is known far and wide as a great reason to not trust a .22 with your life. Right Reddit? So what is a guy to do? Buy…

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