Gems From Suarez International.


A top congressional Democrat and Republican both warned Sunday about more “lone wolf” attacks, inspired by Islamic jihad and easily promulgated through Internet propaganda.

“The police and the military have to be on guard,” California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told CNN’s “State of the Union.” “We need to think in some new ways.”

Our only reaction to that statement is, “No…you must be joking”, with a definitive sarcastic and jaded tone.  Nonetheless, it seems the “leaders” have removed their heads from their usual resting place enough to see what everyone else sees.

I have been expecting things like this since we saw the activity in Mumbai. Far simpler and more effective than crashing an airplane, an armed jihadist easily acts alone or with a small group to act out their faithful jihad. As was seen in Canada, a quite restrictive environment with regards to firearms, gun laws will not prevent their actions.  And at the end of the day, if one cannot get a lever action 30-30, a simple axe will suffice.

Technology is a great aid to these modern Saracens, and virtually untraceable unless one of them is already on the radar. Think of all the social media and electronic traffic that takes place in a given day. Truly a modern version of Mao’s dictum of the guerrilla swimming like a fish through the population.  As was mentioned by the “suddenly enlightened” politicians, the enemy is already quite adept at using modern communications methods and social media.

So what are the ramifications?

1). Government will attempt to de-intensify the importance of any such acts as the work of a crazed individual…anything but tie it to Islam. One or two will be easy but thanks to open source news and online discussion venues, it will be to no avail.  The spade shall be identified as a freaking shovel.

2). As attacks increase, and I expect they will, the reaction will be divided. Some will come out with the usual “not all Muslims are like this”…usually non-Muslim liberals incidentally, as we tend to never hear directly from an anti-Jihad Muslim. And others will take a very anti-Islam posture. The extent of the latter is unknown. Radicalized is to Islam as Africanized is to bees. All bees will sting you in the end.

3). Expect sophistication to grow. Imagine a group of individual lone wolf jihadists brought together using the flash mob model at a given location and time. Imagine the possibilities as these terror acts inspire others to act.  Not all terrorists have been uneducated buffoons. What are the possibilities?

4). I expect a resurgence of interest in skill-at-arms, and the surge in sales of combat handguns and anti-personnel ammo suitable for anti-jihad duties (fewer J-frames and Kel-Tecs, and more Glocks and service weapons). As the successful repelling of attacks occurs, inevitable as far as the odds – expect gov response to mount in the anti-gun realm.

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