Choosing Your Instruction Wisely

One of the very best books in my library. Very down to earth.

Mason Dixon Tactical

13 Oct, 2014

When you decide you’re going to begin preparing for “TEOTWAWKISTAN” what is the first thing you do? If you’re like most people that I know, you will either seek out a knowledgeable friend/acquaintance, or buy a book on the subject. I’ve read  (and own) a lot of manuals over the years, and without a doubt, most manuals have one huge failing. That failure isn’t due to incompetence on the part of DOD, it’s due to the audience it is provided for, and directed towards. Military manuals are generally written for military personnel, not civilians. The implied task here, is  that the users has a minimum of “Boot Camp”, and maybe even some other specialty schools, before they will be using the information that they glean from that manual.

One of the hardest tasks for me as a new instructor in the civilian sector four years ago, was…

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