About Race

Hi, I’m the deputy and I’m a racist.  Not in the commonly accepted and totally incorrect sense:  I’m a human racist and proud of it.  There is only one race of people on earth, the human race.  Haters try to divide our commonality by creating false boundaries and instigating trouble through pride and perceived slights and injustices.  Are there real slights and injustices?  Of course there are!  But put aside the false notion of ‘race’ and consider that we all carry the same genetic material and basic information.  That is what makes us human.  That is what makes up a race.  To foment hate and trouble by falsely defining the term ‘race’ is the realm of hateful, nasty people.

A tiny variation in genes causes a tremendous difference in the kind of creature.  I have often heard evolutionists say that we only have a 3% difference between human genes and chimpanzee genes.  What they are NOT saying (and most probably don’t know) is that geneticists have determined that a less than 1% change in genes always results in death.  Not sometimes, not usually, but always!  You can have inter-species sex but you will never produce an offspring.  By the way, that was one of the areas of experimentation performed on Jews in the WWII concentration camps by Hitler’s buddy, good old Dr. Mengele.  But any member of the human race can mate with another member and produce an offspring that is a member of the human race.  All this crap about white, black, Hispanic, Asian, etc, etc, etc. is nothing more than some idiot finding an outlet for their hate and twisting the meaning of the word ‘race’ to their evil intent.  Speaking plainly, it is a satanic attack against God’s creation.

A few years ago, I began to seriously look at genetics and information theory.  For human genetics to conform to the laws of information conservation, Adam had to start out with ALL the genes that we see extant in the population of the human race today.  Hang on to your hats, kiddies, because that means that Adam was created a black man.  He had genetics that would eventually produce blondes, redheads, etc, but those are recessive genes.  So if you want to be a hater of different skin colors, you are literally spitting in God’s eye and telling Him that His creation of the human race was flawed.  So when He finished creating and said things were good, God must have been mistaken, right?  WRONG!  His ways are above our ways and we cannot possibly understand the mind and ways of a being powerful enough to create a living human being from the dust (minerals which He had already created) and then breathe the spark of life into man, creating a living soul.  And He did this simply by speaking what he wished to create into existence.  I’m not going to argue with that kind of power.  You?  I recommend paying close attention to Job and learn to sit on your hands and shut up and listen to what the boss says.

Anyway, I have lots more to say in relation to the subject, but the take-away from this should be that there is ONLY ONE RACE.  Racism as currently defined by society is a wrong idea with no logical or factual backing.  It has more to do with sub-sets of society and culture.  So whichever side you are on, put away the mongoose and cobra act and treat your fellow race members with love.  If you can’t manage that, at least treat others with kindness and respect; that will be a good start.

This rant was prompted by the tragedy of Mike Brown and Darren Wilson, and the ‘racist’ power players that have been assaulting us non-stop since August.  If you want to make a judgement about that or any other LE-involved action, have the guts and brains to overlook the false issue of ‘race’ and consider only the facts and the law.

Thanks for reading.  The deputy.

One comment on “About Race

  1. Shilah says:

    AMEN ! and thank you !!

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