The Christmas Trolls Are Out and About.

I believe I’ve been visited by the Krampus.

Last week I got a comment on my post “Imagine”

It seems that I needed to be taken to task for posting in support of the families of the two NY officers that were murdered by a crazy Muslim terrorist.  DanIII wrote:  “Remember Jose Guerena. Murdered in his own home in front of his wife and child by local, badged thugs. I see you shed no tears for Jose Guerena.”  Well, mister dan III, the murder of Jose Guerena was committed on May 5, 2011, 2 years before Disturbed Deputy even existed.  I am so sorry that I have not gone back over the last 50 years and cataloged each and every  LEO shooting on the planet.  Are you old enough to remember Ruby Ridge?  Am I at fault not to remember Randy Weaver in 72pt. type?  The murdering bastard that shot Weaver’s son Sam and wife Vickie, and again played a part at Waco, FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi is still out there on the streets.  I’m sorry that I can’t reach into my santa bag and make your world perfect.

You comment is obviously intended as an insult and an attack against my blog, and bait for me to answer your juvenile tripe comment.  Have you even read the blog?  I’d say you have NOT!  What a shame that a person that takes on the 3% moniker is so stupid!  You are claiming to be a patriot, yet your comment makes it look like you are an anarchist.  Stop making 3%ers look like damn fools that can’t think and just want to hate.  Your comment indicates to me that you would be one of those stupid Marxist bastards chanting for dead cops.  You stupid, worthless troll.  Grow a brain.  And remember what it says on my banner:  “Don’t like my opinions?  Go away, read another blog.”

Second Krampus:  from ‘Professional Security Contractor’  This ‘professional’  (hahahaha, I’m still laughing) commented on the same Disturbed Deputy post:  “Can you explain this?
How is this action considered the right thing to do?”

The link is for the John T Williams shooting video, also ancient history compared to Dist. Dep.  2010 to be exact.  If this mall ninja wanted my opinion he could ask for it, but what he wants is to make it look like I approve of illegal LEO violence towards citizens.  C’mon ninja boy, get a better case.  The Williams shooting video is a lousy example of incident filming.  There are lots more cases of LE abuse of force that have decent video.  And what can be seen and heard indicates a hands-down illegal officer shooting.  The cop doesn’t have a leg to stand on in court:  It is a bad shoot.  But ninja boy appears to think like the denziens of Ferguson and NY that EVERY LEO shooting is wrong.  BITE ME! you idiot!

Again, a troll that has not investigated this blog at all and is making snarky comments because they have no compassion for children who have lost their parents (LEO or otherwise).  Are you two clowns related?  Hmmmm… danny and the mall ninja.  Sounds about right.  I think you kids are up past your bedtime and your computer use should be supervised by an adult.

So, you see, kids, I DID post your comments.  In fact you got a whole post just dedicated to you.  Aren’t you big boys now!

2 comments on “The Christmas Trolls Are Out and About.

  1. Shilah says:

    Good post, Sir!
    what those folks & the idjits like them want, as far as I can see, is total “freedom” to do whatever the H they want. No laws, no restraints, no constraints, no consequences, no nothin’. Of course – that only applies to them. Not to the rest of us. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA – like THAT’s gonna happen !

    I wish empathy was injectable instead of a consciously learned skill. (sigh) carry on, Deputy… please.

  2. Thanks very much. As you know, I’m totally against crime whether committed by civilians or police, and in my posts about ‘only ones’ have not cut them any slack. They paint targets on the backs and chests of honest cops that got into the profession because they wanted to make a difference and believed they could help people.

    A society with no laws would be really great, but not every libertarian-minded citizen will do the right thing; it’s just human nature. And of course, I believe that nature is a fallen one that is not what God created in us.

    I AM looking forward to going home to my Lord and savior, to live in a city of light where there is no crime, no hate, no tears. I’ll go when He is ready for me, and until then I will remain armed, aware, and dangerous while keeping my eyes open for opportunities to bless and protect those who have been given into my care.

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