Are the Chicago police detaining and interrogating American citizens in a secret black site?

Those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it. Do these thugs remember what happened to the guards/gendarme when the people liberated the Bastille?

America's Watchtower

  american-police-state-1When the National Defense Authorization Act and the FAA Re-authorization Act were in the news I wrote quite extensively about the possibility that America was headed into a police state where American citizens could be held indefinitely and without charges as well as the fact that 30,000 unmanned drones would be policing the skies above major United States cities by the year 2020. Couple these two pieces of legislation with the PATRIOT Act and the NSA spying program and you have a recipe for the continued erosion of our Constitutionally protected rights.

  I am not alone; many people also feel the same way but yet I feel that most Americans feel as if this is tin-foil hat material, a conspiracy theory, and as such is nothing but the ravings of a paranoid, anti-government radical extremist and something which could never happen in the United States.

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