Never Mind The Facts, It’s The Cops’ Fault

Of course an autopsy might help to verify this, but there has been precious little info coming out of Baltimore concerning what happened.

But let’s blame the cops so we can riot and steal toilet paper!

paper towels

I think the original picture said they were paper towels, but it sure looks like TP to me.

The Future Of Terrorism

No authentication on this pic, but what I’ve learned in anti-terrorism classes leads me to believe this is the real deal.  The religion of peace teaches their hate right from the crib.

Powder Keg? What Powder Keg?

The Obots think everything is just peachy.  And they will welcome martial law and demand the public be disarmed because they think it will solve the problem of violence.  Sorry, violence is caused by violent people.  And that’s the plain truth.

In Every City In America There Are People Ready To Riot, Loot And Set Things On Fire