Radiation Dose Chart

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This chart was compiled by the people across at the xkcd blog, and they also have some commentary on it as well at this link to the full Post at their site. A lot of work went into its construction, and we hope they don’t mind if we show it here at our blog. The original chart is at the following link:

Radiation Dose Chart

I want you to look very closely at this chart, and to do that, click on the image and it will open in a new page at a larger size, so you can more easily view the image.

The unit of measurement is the Sievert.

The blue section shows those units measured in micro Sieverts, which are millionths of a Sievert.

The green section shows those units measured as milli Sieverts, which are thousandths of a Sievert.

The blue section of the chart blends…

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