The AIWB Holster Hack

Great hack. How often do you decide not to carry due to the discomfort? Just like wearing a vest, I’d rather be hot than shot. Not carrying means you cannot defend yourself or others. Are you a sheepdog or not?

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I’ve been carrying Appendix Inside-the-Waistband (AIWB) for almost six months now. The only holster I’ve used has been the Keeper Errand which I reviewed some time ago. I have found no reason to go away from Keeper’s fine holster.

My much abused foam wedge compared to the gel insert. My much abused foam wedge compared to the gel insert.

One of the awesome things about Spencer’s holster is the foam wedge that helps pad the holster, cushion it for comfort and support an ideal carry position. For the most part, his foam holster wedges did a really good job of making AIWB carry that much more comfortable and convinced me they were a great addition to the AIWB way of carry.

However, after losing 10 lbs in the last few months I found the foam wedge not doing much to pad the holster. Not to mention the foam wedge only covered the tip of the holster, not the rest…

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WeaponsMan: On Safety And Appendix Carry

Appendix carry is often touted as the fastest to draw from, but consider all the options. I believe the foot photo is from a .45ACP wound. I think I may have previously posted the whole series of the pics from that oops.

Western Rifle Shooters Association


Read the whole thing – even the wincey parts.

Got a medevac plan?

Got a patient-stabilization-until-evac-arrives plan?

You’d better.

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Body Language: A Precursor To Violence

Situational awareness!

Staying Safe

Behavioral cues and situational awareness are two important concepts that I feel are really overlooked in the martial arts community. It’s not that the concepts aren’t mentioned, but more that the concepts are skimmed over and not given their due diligence. Typically, I hear things like “pay attention to your surroundings” and “look around” or “look for suspicious people.” These are great to say, but what exactly are we supposed to be looking for? What are we supposed to be paying attention to? What does a suspicious person look like? Maybe to some, a black teen wearing a hoodie or possibly a tatted up white male with a shaved head could be considered suspicious. The answers to these questions are all situational and can’t be answered without more information about the actions of the individual and the environment they are in.

Think about it like this, when you are driving…

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