WE Just Need To Be More Understanding

Teh Won says:


Uhhh…..  I don’t think so:


AND:  http://shoebat.com/2015/02/20/isis-leader-admits-funded-obama-administration/

But then again, he’s not even holding the office legally, so what would you expect?


Oh, excuse me, my racist hater side is showing.  Or is it my dislike of traitors?

One comment on “WE Just Need To Be More Understanding

  1. […] WE Just Need To Be More Understanding. I understand perfectly. I see the master of Quran followers perfectly. The being they obey gives the appearance of goodness – godliness with none of the power thereof. Allah performs mind magic on the minds of people making them think He says love whoever as yourself without uttering those words at all. […]

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