The State of The War on The People

Don’t condemn all cops for the actions of some.  If we remove all enforcers of the law all we have is anarchy and Darwin’s survival of the fittest, or possibly the most prone to violence.  Are you ready to live like that?  Work within the system to eliminate those that abuse their powers.  Never let an abuse slide. 

For my fellow LEO’s:  Live up to your oath or get out!!  Your badge is NOT a license to commit crimes against the citizens.

We don’t want to become this:


Can Gubmint Fix Itself?

Very, very doubtful.  In fact, impossible.  How about we fire all these idiots, imprison as many as we can convict, and hire the Israelis to handle our airline security.  They have no problems with El Al, do they?  Nope!

Wow! A 96% failure rate in detecting weapons?  Let’s send these clowns packing!

A Lion Or A Child?

While the world is going nuts over the shooting of a lion, they ignore the daily murder of innocents.  I’m not saying that Cecil’s death is not a tragedy, but the tragedy of abortion eclipses it in horror and criminality.  And it turns out the Africans can’t figure out what the big deal is over one more dead lion.  Please read both articles to compare and contrast.

cecilAbortion Pic 1