Put Down That Onion And Nobody Gets Hurt

If You Like Your Food, You Can’t Keep It


Kiss your back yard garden goodbye.  City dwellers growing tomatoes in flower pots on the balcony?  Criminals!

No, the real criminals are making you so dependent on the state that the state will own you.  Or maybe they just really like fresh veggies?  No, they just want everything that is yours.  Guess they never heard this:


And please note that this executive order takes away your right to water, from any source.  Think that might provide some pressure to do gubmint’s will?

It’s The Whites That Are The Dangerous, Violent Ones

The traitor in chief recently said that conservative white militia groups pose more danger to the nation than Muslim terrorists.  And yet, seems like every shooter we hear about in the news has a liberal background.

The latest high-profile shooting of a news crew is no exception.


The shooter, a former reporter for the station had whined about being mistreated because he was a gay black man.  But all reports about his employment record indicate he was hard to work with and pretty worthless at his job.  Here is an example of why that was true.


It’s the gun’s fault:  http://patriotpost.us/articles/37247

He was nothing but a deranged criminal, but since he worshiped the ‘O’ it has to be the gun’s fault, or maybe the blame lies with the crackers, I mean ‘Saltine Americans’  who so badly mistreated him…..

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Nah, he was just a loser, like his idol.

Islam’s Contributions

Our fearless leader, teh won, has said that Muslims were and important part of making the U.S. what it is today.  And it appears that they are still attempting to influence the nation.

By joining the terrorist in chief and his administration in pursuing a life of crime:



And murdering Christians:



Of course their contribution the the science of hygiene goes without mention, but I will stoop to mentioning it:  Kiss your camel, drink it’s urine, and why waste toilet paper when you can use your left hand?  Just remember to hold that goat burger in your right hand.

Bad Idea