Rape Jihad In Sweden

This is coming to our shores as soon as Big O gets his way to import another 100k immigrants jihadists.


Colonel West tells it like it is.  One of the reasons he is no longer eligible for public office:  Only liars and crooks need apply.

allen-west-in-uniformThis is a real man.  If he told me to ruck up and follow him, I’d be right on his 6.

Just More Proof

That what I have been saying about the Muslim ‘immigrants’ is absolutely true. 


Of course the Czech president is getting raked over the coals for pointing out the obvious truth.  God bless Milos Zeman!  A man who tells the truth should not have to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune fools.


You Get What You Pay For

When you celebrate lawlessness and raise it to a cultural norm, you can no longer expect decent people to associate with you.  That means you get corrupt police, stupid teachers, and a level of civilization that makes the 3rd world look good.


duncecappower of stupid people

Dirt-roit and Dearbornistan are proof of George Carlin’s veracity.

What Are They Hiding?

Climate research?  Nah… just a waste of tax dollars.  Follow the money – see who is getting rich.  2 stories.




‘Temperature adjustments?’  Gee, that doesn’t sound suspicious at all, does it?


How about one more?


Kill It! Kill It Dead!

I have no love for spiders, and am perfectly happy to swat or squash them.  I used to have a cat that would chase them down and eat them.  Boy, do miss that cat!  But I’m not afraid, and in fact got some good laughs out of the movies ‘Arachnophobia’ and ‘8-Legged Freaks.’  However, I think this dude needs counseling.


In fact, why does this guy even have a gun?  Here are some pics from his personal album.

spider shotgun spiderand pistol




How Intrusive Can You Get?

And of course they will turn all their warped, twisted info in the da gubmint.  Who are they to say who is well adjusted?  Do I get demerits because I did not say ‘whom?’  Liberalism is a type of mental illness, but I’ll bet you the Marxist progressives that run Goober would NEVER admit to bias against conservatives.


Bow down and worship the glowing screen!