Silly People, No One Is Protecting You

Like the preacher in Blazing Saddles said to Sheriff Bart (Cleavon Little), “Son, you’re on your own.”  And so we are.  Sheepdog, are you prepared to do battle at a moment’s notice?  The gubmint sure as hell isn’t going to protect you.  A good scout is prepared.


ending terrorism

The War Is Here Now

An ISIS adherent attacks a cop.  Islamists are in our country, living by their own rules and paying no attention to our laws.  Time to remove them from our shores.

Muslim With ISIS Affiliation Assaults Texas Cop; Doesn’t Get Far When 2 Bystanders Appear

Gear Up, Ladies

Many American men are simply lily-livered pansies.  Cowards.  Meow men.  They need a safe space or to be coddled in their mommas’ arms.  Grow a pair, guys.  Learn to be real men.  These women might be able to give you a clue.