Better A Psych-Out Than A Shoot-Out

Psychological warfare is your friend.  I used to pull security at a restaurant that was a biker hangout.  I befriended the bikers and made it clear that they could expect me to be fair but firm.  I answered lots of questions about the law and how the courts worked.  I also got a lot of questions about my gear.  One night I sprayed some OC (pepper spray) into a drink cup and offered to let a biker ‘taste’ it.  Naturally, he stuck his finger in the puddle of OC and touched it to the tip of his tongue, the most sensitive part.  The poor guy went nuts with the pain.  He drank and spit and drank to get rid of the fire.  When he was somewhat recovered, I said ‘Watch this!’ and sprayed the very same pepper spray into my mouth.  Of course, I do like hot food, and I sprayed it at the back of my throat and swallowed it immediately.  Within minutes, I had a reputation as a crazy man; tough as nails.  (I’m really not that tough, though I do have a high threshold for pain)  This little psych-out went a long way to keep me from getting any flack from the bikers for the next year until that job was over.  They thought I was more than a little nuts and possibly psychotic.


So here is an article on thinking outside the lines and using your head instead of your guns.


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