Another Skill To Gain

Knowledge is a great thing to have, but combined with skills, it becomes really important.  Here’s a skill that our parents and grandparents knew.

potted meatThis stuff, NOT this:potted meats


4 comments on “Another Skill To Gain

  1. And making cured sausages and corned beef and cheeses. 😀 I managed to make a cheese by accident the other day. Made me realize how easy it is.

    • Our modern way of life and easy access to food and ‘food-like products’ has ruined our ability to feed ourselves. I think many people don’t really care to cook at home any more. Personally, I want one of those big country-style kitchens with multiple ovens and a 10-burner range, cooking pots and pans hanging from the ceiling, a walk-in cooler, and a good stock of wine close at hand. One simply does not cook with cheap wine.

      • I want a chest freezer big enough for a cow or two, a full garden of food (we still keep a lawn because it’s an estate property, but we have turned over the flower beds to food], a pantry as big as the kitchen, an aga, a redneck smoker and a distillery. Will get there one day, I hope. 😛

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