Mexico Illegal Immigration Laws

Turnabout is fair play, don’t you think?

Sonora del Norte Press

Many make the claim that Mexico has tougher illegal immigration laws than the US so let’s take a look………………

Under Mexican law illegally immigrating into the country is considered a felony. According to Article 123 of the Mexican General Law on Population if you illegally come into Mexico and are caught you will be arrested and jailed. You may then be imprisoned for up to 2 years in a Mexican prison and fined anywhere from 300 to 5000 pesos or whatever the judge decides is appropriate. According to Article 125 the court may decide to deport you rather than imprison you.

MexicoNow this all sounds fine and dandy on paper but a REALITY CHECK is needed in this matter. For one thing Mexican jails and prisons are some of the worst on the planet and in some places when you are jailed you are basically forgotten about. “Gringo are you…

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One comment on “Mexico Illegal Immigration Laws

  1. redhorsemh says:

    go back to mexico maggots

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