DHS: What A Bunch Of Losers

imageThis is old news

No wonder we can’t get Hillary indicted.  When I mentioned this to my son he said “That’s stupid.  It’s like putting bank robbers in charge of security for a bank vault.”  Hmmmmm….YUP!

72 DHS Employees on Terrorist Watch List



One comment on “DHS: What A Bunch Of Losers

  1. Rifleman III says:

    My understanding is that the 73 individuals, were removed from the Terror Watchlist by the stroke of a pen. Question that I raise is one of lack of any adjudication of persons to be placed onto any watchlist. A federal magistrate should be the only person capable of adding or deleting anyone from any watchlist after Due Cause, has been met via adjudication. People get onto the watchlist from many sources such as divorced spouses seeking revenge, employment situations where co-worker or supervisor or disgruntled, or poor neighbor relationships. It was found that someone in DHS was to be adding to the list but then handed the task to a subordinate who mindlessly performed the duty. The watchlist nonsense needs to go through the federal court system, and not some boob at DHS.

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