Shoot With Your Kids

My daughter lost a boyfriend because of her understanding that there is a time to shoot.  They were watching a movie (Red Eye, I think) and the heroine had a gun.  The bad guy was trying to kill her and my little girl was bouncing up and down on the sofa yelling “Shoot him!  Shoot him!”  This seriously unnerved the little Marxist punk that was wooing her.  No loss.  He is still a Socialist, but has learned a lot since then.  But I’m glad he married someone else’s daughter.  My little girl married an Iraq war veteran who is a real man. (she’s a smart kid, though she’s a young woman now, nearly 30)  She likes to shoot and understands the concept of ‘shoot until the target changes shape or catches fire.’  Sometime I’ll relate the story of how she got her AR. 



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