Connecting Dots: Orlando Shooting Not Adding Up

Perfect timing to distract from Hillary’s crimes and make another push for gun control.

There are too many loose ends involved in the gay club shooting incident in Orlando. (A) Population density inside of the club at estimated 300 people. What is the lawful occupancy? Where are the City of Orlando, fire marshals and building inspectors, or were mayoral orders given to turn a blind eye, or palm greasing involved? (B) Bullets, pass through bodies, especially at close range and with high population density. That is why the military training for hand-to-hand combat teaches, do not use your firearms or bullets go through enemy and kills your own platoon members. Therefore, it was not necessary for hundreds of rounds to be fired, but only two, possibly three, magazines, for the body count. (C) In a building occupied with 300 people (estimated), how many fire exits, are there in that structure? (D) Why were egress doors blocked and locked? Who makes the daily check. They…

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One comment on “Connecting Dots: Orlando Shooting Not Adding Up

  1. Doesn’t pas the smell test. Can defiantly smell another FF. After all, the shooter in Orlando did, or does work for the Fed’s, and his daddy spent an awful lot of time in Hillry’s Capitol office suite.

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