It’s A Little Complicated…And Confusing

When I grew up in the 60’s I was a red-blooded all-American boy.  I understood the Communist threat and was ready to serve my country.  I enlisted in the Army 2 weeks after my HS graduation and by the time I was trained, had just missed the last troop levy to Nam.  I have always been conservative in my politics, religion, and world view.  Russia was the enemy, so was Red China.  The Russian incursion into Africa was an aggression that should have been stopped.  Instead, we got the ANC and a couple of murderous Marxist heroes foisted on us (the Mandelas).

These days things are very different.  The biggest Marxist/Communist threat to America comes from our politicians.  No longer are the Democrats the bad guys, because I see the Republicans lying, cheating, and stealing just like the other guys.  We need to abolish both parties and hang a bunch of those traitors.  Then we go after the bureaucrats and clean house there.

Anyway, Putin intrigues me.  He has been defending Christians in the Middle East and putting a stop to Muslim shenanigans in his own country.  He is resisting the one-worlders and global bankers.  My kind of guy.  Given our current options I think I could be persuaded to vote for Putin for president.  How much worse could he be than a criminally-minded Marxist compulsive liar or a professional salesman who will tell you anything to sell himself?  See what I mean about complicated and confusing?  So here’s the story:


Now, you want to hear a really frightening thought?  What if Hillary is indicted and goes to jail, then Trump gets assassinated.  Obozo claims the right to a third term to pacify the nation in turmoil and institutes martial law.  Now that is really scary.  And possible.


2 comments on “It’s A Little Complicated…And Confusing

  1. Rifleman III says:

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    Not quite. Vice president, then Speaker, then SCOTUS, if I recall the order, correctly. BHO must vacate by January 22d, I believe, (48 hours after inauguration) of face criminal arrest, which voids his US Secret Service protection (now wouldn’t that be something).

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