Sharia Law Is Here

The poll was running 97% NO when I checked.  So 3% are complete idiots.  And this is for a civil judge position, that means local jurisdiction affecting average Americans.  This is NOT good.  If you expect to get Constitutional justice out of a Muslim judge, you are not in touch with reality.  We are rapidly sliding down the slippery slope into 7th century insanity.  Got guns?  You’re going to need them.

This is Sharia law in action:


A simple example of a sharia decision this judge might hand down would be this:  Your Muslim neighbor takes you to court because you have a dog.  In Islam, dogs are unclean and he is offended by your pet.  You are ordered by the court to get rid of Fido and to pay a fine for offending your nice neighbor.  Or perhaps your neighbor kills your dog with a knife or sword in front of your kids and the court says he was within his rights to remove your offensive animal.



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