Orlando Mass Shooting: False Flag Clues


Source: TheSleuthJournal.com
Makie Freeman
June 14, 2016

Are we looking at an Orlando false flag with the recent mass shooting at Pulse (a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida) where over 50 people were reportedly killed? False flag attacks happen in the US with a certain and predictable regularity. It has been awhile since the last major false flag attack on US soil (San Bernardino), interspersed with one in Europe (Brussels). In recent years, the NWO manipulators throw a false flag operation into the mix every so often for numerous reasons. A first is to ensure the public doesn’t forget about being scared of being attacked anywhere at any time in their home towns. A second is to ensure the public doesn’t forget to continue being afraid of the bogeyman du jour (in this case ISIS or Islamic terrorism, better named Zio-Islamic terrorism in deference to the real force [Zionism] behind it). A third is…

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2 comments on “Orlando Mass Shooting: False Flag Clues

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Overly simplified. To what extent, did G4S contribute, if any? I have tried on numerous occasions to get a job with that company, and I sure as hell have credentials and qualifications to probably be a district manager. Is there a reason why, G4S prefers, not to hire qualified people yet as released, Obama, has orders to hire Muslims, therefore, could there be an underlying purpose, such as filling heads with radical crap, and anti-American rubbish? Might sound minor, but could possibly have a major role, because nobody, put their foot down and demanded a mental examination of Mateen. Immediate supervision, negligent, and field office managers, incompetent. Add to that, G4S, transporting illegal aliens into, our nation. G4S, doesn’t give a tinker’s damn, other than the profit margin. G4S, should be banned from doing any business in the United States, and certainly not conduct business under US Government contracts. CIA could also recruit assassins then simply disavow.

    Why, did the shooter enter the premise at 02:00 hours, and the first shots fired report initiated, was at 05:13 hours. Did the cops leave their balls, home? Where did responding units come from, and at what time, were mobilization calls to units, made?

    The usual question about population density inside of that club. Why were so many people inside, and how long has Orlando City Hall, turned a blind eye? Does G4S, do any business, directly or indirectly, with the City of Orlando, as in, a set-up for mass murder? No fire marshall ever gave any violations. No building inspectors ever gave any violations. In fact, Why didn’t the Alcohol Beverage Control Board for the city and state, who made spot checks while establishments are open, ever report over-crowded conditions or file follow up/intelligence report, index cards? Are they all idiots? Are they all bribed? Were they given order to stay away from the location, as in, a wink of the eye?

    The people who did escape, and the wounded, indicated exactly what I said, that there was herding. Nobody hit the fire alarm. Where is the fire alarm, and is it functional? Exactly what is the relationship between the shooter and the individual who physically held fire egress exit door shut? Why hasn’t he been investigated? Political meddling. Unbelievable political meddling, including the stooge federal prosecutor.

    Crap like that incident, adds up to a bunch of fuck-ups running the show, and, it really could have been, a crime of opportunity/set-up, for one selected meathead to go pogostick nuts, all, to get gun control to the forefront, and what, possibly take interest off of Hillary’s FBI/email/other legal problems?

    The whole thing, does not add up.

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