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Interesting Times, Complainers, and Your Future

The Chinese have a curse. It goes, “May you live in interesting times”. I disagree with the Chinese however and do not see that a curse but a blessing. Interesting times bring opportunities. Anybody want to live in “Boring Times”? One day you wake up, 85 years old, bored out of your mind and longing for death. When someone walks up and asks, “Hey whats up?”, you will mean it when you say “nuthin much!”

No, I think interesting times are great, but the focus has to be revised somewhat from what we have been seeing lately. Rather than, “Hey look at what those guys are going to do to us”, the focus should be, “Hey, look at what that opens up for us over here”. I suspect that Solomon lived in interesting times, as did many of the notables we hear about and read about. But they spent their time taking advantage of events rather than complaining about how those events would upset their boring and mundane lives.

Complaining? Yes, and not only do complainers never get anything done…specially about that which they complain about, but they are like a disease that all around them will be infected with. Notice how complainers tend to hang out with each other as they…complain? Are the complaints valid? Who cares…they need someone to listen how they just got sodomized by the system…or how Obama will do this to everyone…or how…

You get the idea. It is as if they have to dwell on what is wrong in order to be happy. Sometimes however, it a paralysis by analysis situation. So fixated on what is happening that they are transfixed into inaction. It is as if they so loved the previous paradigm that they cannot seem to let go of it and accept that things have changed…and that to prevail and succeed, they must adopt a new paradigm.

I see it quite often.

OMG…Hillary and Bernie

I look at the world as a tactician, and focus on what affects me. Back in the day when I was hunting men inside buildings the focus had to be crystal clear. There is no margin for error as your life can end in the blink of an eye. Thus all non-essential information, while it is taken in, is not fixed upon. Only the important elements that had a bearing on you successfully accomplishing your mission were considered for further evaluation.

Picture yourself in your armor, and an MP5 in hand, slowly moving down a hallway toward a door. You are sweating, and focused intently on what you are doing. Above you at 30,000 feet, a 747 goes by on the way to Japan…you hear the sound but it has nothing to do with you or your current mission. Someone honks their horn a few streets over…nothing to do with you. Your stomach sends a small hunger pang letting you know that it has been a long time since your last protein shake. Somewhat important and as soon as you shoot the bad guy in the face you will get something to eat. You hear a small metallic sound from the room. Now that is currently of great importance.

Life is the same way. Specially life in the USA…today.

Some guys are holding on to a paradigm that was either never real, or was dated from an era of long ago. They are shocked that the US President would abandon one of its ambassadors to a death at the hands of criminals. They are shocked that the same government eavesdrops on them, or that it carries out assassinations of political adversaries. They are astounded that so many of their own countrymen want to steal their wealth away from them. And we could go on.

That paradigm, the one where these things are shocking is an old paradigm…and it no longer applies. Its time for a new one boys. And it is time for a much more finely tuned OODA loop so that as things change, that paradigm will always be fresh and new. Here is a guide.

When we were about to breach a door, we always had a clear understanding of mission. Why are we here and what are we trying to do? So I ask you, why are you here and what are you trying to do?

If you answer that you are here to take back America and bring back the old paradigm, I would try to talk sense to you, and talk you out of such a Quixotic way to spend your days. I know…I know…the old paradigm was warm and fuzzy and it made you feel good and proud and all of that stuff. I know…but consider that to change things back to the old days, you will have to change people’s minds. If you had the wealth of Buffett, Gates, and Soros combined, you might be able to do it in a generation. If you do not, then I would urge you to reconsider your life’s works.

If your answer is to live well and make lots of money for your family, and all the usual things that a normal man on earth wants for himself whether he is from Anchorage or Mar De Plata, then I would tell you that you have a clear and obtainable mission, with a solid chance of success.

Then I would tell you to tighten your focus rings from “Great Things Of International Importance” to “Small things that affect you and yours”. As you grow in wealth and influence, those small things will become bigger. For example, every morning I check Fox, CNN, and Drudge, among other news sources. Not so that I can say, “OMG”, but so that I can manage my international business and adapt to any changes that may affect it.

I look at politics, and current events, and all of that with a shoulder shrug. I already did not trust any of those people, would never choose to work for them, know they try to snoop into everyone’s lives and all of that jazz. But none of that has any influence on me moving down the hall toward the door where my target is.

Determining what bits of data are in fact important is where the art lies….and adapting to them without holding on to paradigms of the past is how you will attain your goal.

So keep that in mind gents…interesting times bring interesting opportunities.


How Very Convenient

Breitbart died of a ‘heart attack.’  This is one of the easiest ways to fake a death and cover up a murder.  Just another body in the long string of suspicious deaths murders that make up the Clinton legacy.

BREAKING: Official Set to Testify Against Hillary Found Dead


Dozen Arrested For Feeding Homeless In Orlando

When the church walked away from its responsibility to care for the poor, the government took over and gave us the insanity that is the welfare state. But the gov likes the power over the people and won’t let anyone with character help those in need. That interferes with their power play.


Photo Credit Mark
June 19, 2016

Members of the organization Food Not Bombs were in good spirits as they passed out corn on the cob, rice, beans and other vegetarian dishes to the homeless and hungry in an Orlando park. This cheer was interrupted when police officers on bicycles arrived and arrested five of the volunteers.

This is not the first time this scene has played out for members of Food Not Bombs.

Since June 1, a dozen members of the group have been arrested for violating a new Orlando city ordinance that prohibits sharing food with large groups in downtown parks more than twice a year.

The mayor of Orlando even branded them “food terrorists.”

Food Not Bombs is an international political organization that protests war, poverty and the destruction of the environment, according to their website. The group meets to distribute food twice a week in downtown Orlando’s…

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The UN working for a better world? Pardon me while I spit to try to get the taste out of my mouth. The UN does nothing but support terrorists, and then when they send their ‘help’ to an area, their troops and administrators begin a widespread campaign of corruption, rape, and child molestation. Repeat after me: “The UN is NOT my friend.”

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

The vaccination programme has since been suspended

A tainted measles vaccine under a UN sponsored program is killing children in northern Syria.   According to physicians in the communities of Jirjanaz and Maaret al-Nouman the children became very ill shortly after doses of the vaccine were administered.

Relief groups from nearby Turkey claim that as many as 36 children have died and a dozen are in critical condition.   There is also concern that the number of casualties will increase.

It is believed by some that the vaccines were sabotaged.   The UN has suspended the vaccination program.  Read more from Black Listed News.

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Time to throw these stinking globalists off our soil. They elect only communists as their leaders and never support freedom. Their only support is for terrorism.

ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Press Conference by UN Peacekeeping Chief, Juba

Herve Ladsous, Under-Secretary-General for UN Peacekeeping Operations; an obvious total failure.  Wheres peace working?

Each year the United States gives approximately $8 billion in mandatory payments and voluntary contributions to the United Nations and its affiliated organizations. The biggest portion of this money – about $3 billion this year – goes to the U.N.’s regular and peacekeeping budgets.  (this info from link below).

As Britain leaves the European Union so should the United States leave the UN.   Of course, that won’t happen, not under Obama, nor would it under (choke) Hillary Clinton.

We fund the UN more than nearly 185 other nations combined.   The UN shares the same agenda as the Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, of a New World Order or better put One World (global) Government; a no borders world……a biggie for Obama.

Leave the UN membership and boot them out of the…

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Another Reason To Be Armed: Concealed Carry Permit Holder SHOOTS and KILLS Axe-Wielding Attacker at 7-Eleven

Guns save lives.

Stay Armed Folks….24/7 even at 7/11!! -SF A customer at a 7-Eleven store outside Seattle shot and killed a masked man who attacked a clerk with an ax early Sunday. Investigators said the shoo…

Source: Another Reason To Be Armed: Concealed Carry Permit Holder SHOOTS and KILLS Axe-Wielding Attacker at 7-Eleven

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ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Correction/clarification:   The FBI can only present evidence and recommend indictment/ press for charges.   The Department of Justice, the Attorney General decides if Hillary is to be charged.

So the question should be:  Can we trust the FBI to ask for an indictment?   If the AG (Loretta Lynch) does not charge Hillary upon the FBI suggestion; will they make their investigation findings public?

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Isik Abla

You’ve gotta check this lady out.  Take the time to listen to some of her videos.  More truth in a few minutes than in a year’s worth of MSM broadcasts.  God bless and prosper her!