Dot Torture

Dot torture is a wonderful shooting exercise:  2 inch circles at 3 yards.  Nothing to it, right?  Start shooting these and see what you think.  The object is not speed (at least in the beginning) but rather accuracy.  Make the hits, then speed up.  The instructions are printed on the targets.  If you want to start at 2 yards, no big deal.  Just keep practicing and see what speed you can attain while maintaining your accuracy.  The targets can be printed straight from the internet at:

Hey, they’re just dots.  How can it be torture?  See for yourself.

dot torture

Practice makes perfect, sheepdogs.  Carry everywhere, all the time.  Be prepared.



4 comments on “Dot Torture

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Dot torture: When they forget to turn the gasoline pump, on.

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