Suarez On Counter Terrorism

Anchoring Shots In Counter Terrorism

With the constant information coming in from Istanbul, Turkey and the Ataturk Airport.  As well the inevitability of that happening here as the American Jihadists increase their skills and operational tempo, I coined the “Istanbul Drill”.  The Istanbul Drill teaches us to shoot for the face and neck area as well as to follow up the downed terrorist with additional face and neck shots.

Set up two targets. One standing…one already on the deck.

  • Draw and fire a burst of five at the standing target…in the face of course.
  • Instantly transition to the downed target (representing the same guy – now fallen), and put an additional 5 shots into his downed face.

I will do a video of this in the next few weeks. But moving on.

The Instabul Drill has brought up a great deal of discussion at about what some call “anchoring shots”.  The original term referred to a big game hunting technique one would find discussed in books by Roark and Capstick. The concept is similar, but the application is very different.

So let’s be clear.

This is NOT the same as street self defense against a mugger. The normal rules don’t apply. If you think they do, you best think again.  In an Active Shooter/Jihadist you can use extremely violent and even cruel methods to kill the terrorist that would otherwise never be condoned in a common street self defense situation. This is not the same situation and the commonly accepted limits to the use of deadly force are not there…period.

Anchoring does not mean some sort of pelvic leg shot, mechanical damage sort of thing making the bad guy fall down. It means trying to kill them with the shots you fire. Not “Stop Them”, not “Disuade and Discourage Them”, but Kill Them…as in dead.  Shoot them in the face/neck area. Center Of Mass no longer a target of concern in such events, as it is covered by the IED.  Please do not get all Courtroom-Survival on this or you will just blow yourself up. 

Once he has been shot in face and he is down, regardless of how close or far he is, continue shooting him in the face/neck area. We want him dead and unable to keep shooting innocent people and unable to trigger an explosive device such as what we see in the video above.

If you need to get past him to exit (or go kill another terrorist), keep shooting the downed terrorist in the face-head area as you approach and as you pass. By the time you pass him – hopefully quickly, his brain matter should be all over the deck, and no electrical impulses should be getting to his self-activated IED.

The terrorist is not a common criminal.  The thought of handling a terrorist like a CCW situation with a common thug, with those same concerns in mind, is asininely stupid, and those advocating such things irresponsibly out of touch with modern reality. 

We live in a time of war, and the terrorist is the enemy. 

Train and act accordingly.


The Deputy sez:  “Follow Gabe, he won’t lead you astray.”



6 comments on “Suarez On Counter Terrorism

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  2. Rifleman III says:

    Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Unless you happen to live in New York, then the governor will demand that you write a letter of apology. The terror training camp in Hancock, NY, will mean no shortage of incidents in the future. Oh, I forgot, they “donate” to campaign war chests, so you will have you will be getting writer’s cramp. To Stop vs. To Kill, remains a legal gray area, that state legislatures and going up to the top, the Oval Office, too many are in denial of reality.

  3. Wah, saya dapat manfaat lebih setelah membaca informasi ini.
    Makasih banyak ya gan ilmunya.

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