How Do You Carry?

I remember stopping at the gun locker in the sally port in our jail and another deputy was picking up his firearm from an adjacent locker.  I found out this guy was not carrying with a round in the chamber and made a note to never be around this idiot out on the street.  Just because somebody is an LEO doesn’t make them competent with firearms.  When I went through the academy, many of the other cadets had never fired a gun in the lives. 

I got my first 1911 when I was 14 years old (I had a very forward-thinking mother) and started teaching myself to draw and shoot from an old army surplus flap-top holster.  You’d be amazed how fast you can pop that flap.  I was aware of carrying cocked and locked, but couldn’t do it in that holster, so carried in condition 3.  Hey, I was fourteen!  I couldn’t afford anything but military surplus.  Of course, now I buy the best and the fastest top-quality retention holster for off duty.  Currently carrying a Blackhawk Serpa, and it IS a fast holster with secure retention.  I’m a cheapskate, but paid the price (about $55) and considered it money well spent.  Around the house I use a leather belt slide with no retention because it is slightly more comfortable. 

You are carrying while at home, aren’t you?  I read a few years back about a St. Louis, Missouriofficer that was robbed in the alley behind his house when he took the trash out one night.  Fortunately, he carried at home and killed his armed attacker.  Now THAT’s taking out the trash!

Why do you carry a gun if you are afraid of it?  Or afraid of your ability inability to operate it competently?  Sheepdog, the war is on, so act like a soldier and be prepared to do battle whenever and wherever a threat presents itself.  I’ll let the following footage speak for itself about carrying condition one.

Not sure of your skills?  Shut off the computer and get to the range.  Practice, practice, practice, PRACTICE!  Never stop training.  You have chosen to be a sheepdog, so make your bite worse than your bark.


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    Condition One. (The only way to travel.)

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