ISIS Inspired Plot

Just because his dad is a cop doesn’t mean he isn’t a traitorous little bastard.


Boston police captain’s son indicted in ISIS-inspired plot


2 comments on “ISIS Inspired Plot

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  2. Rifleman III says:

    Well, a few times, I did car-stops on punks. They rant. They curse. They threaten lawsuits. Then they whip out a PBA (police union) card, and tell me someone they know, “Is on the Job”. No problem-o. I write the ticket(s), and tell them to have whoever they know on the Job, to pay it.
    “Hey, my father’s a cop”. I say, “No kidding? So is mine”. They should know better, but they think being related to a cop is a Get Out of Jail Free, card.
    I got a radio call one night to call the command. Desk Officer said, some Highway cop wanted to talk to me. (Uh,oh. What happened?) So I get the info and make the call. I know the cop. He was a rookie that I trained about six years before. Good Guy. He starts telling me, that he smacked one of my brothers. What?? He said that my brother, a leadfoot, was clocked at 81 mph in a 50 mph zone. He doesn’t pull over for about over a mile. Highway car on his tail the whole way. Finally, he pulls over, hands his license and PBA card, and has a mini family badge of mine, and says that his brother (me), is a cop, and he wants a break. Cop is pissed. Sees the last name is the same as mine, then says how are you related to the sergeant? Brother (now deceased). Cop tells him to “step out”. Then, the cop hauls off and smacks him in the face, knocking him almost to his knees. “Tell your brother, I gave you that. He would have given you worse”. Then chucks the paperwork into the car and leaves. Ahh. How long ago, and which way was he headed? Hmmm… Going home. I’ll take care of it. Next phone call, my mother’s house. “I heard you got smacked on the highway”. Yeah. Big red mark. Lips swollen. Some blood out of the nose. “Learn your lesson, Stupid?”. That was the end of his speeding career. That was the last time he gave a cop a hard time.

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