Advance Combat Casualty Care

A buddy from church who is an medic and a shooter sent this to me.  Definitely worth seeing.  I was interested in the duct-taped tennis ball used to simulate being shot in the hand.  Also note the safety discipline used to move around other shooters on the line.  The first time I ran into something like this was infantry training at Ft. Polk Louisiana.  And of course when our deputies shoot on the range, we are constantly moving and shooting live fire in conjunction with other deputies. 

Safety is in your head; it’s an attitude and a skill to be constantly practiced.  The first thing I teach new shooters is “A safety is a mechanical device, and mechanical devices are prone to failure.”  Students must be able to recite this word for word any time they are asked.  Then they have to memorize the other gun safety rules.  Not until safety is second nature will they be allowed to touch a firearm.  You can do these live-fire exercises but not until you understand and fully embrace your responsibility for safety. 

Anyway, lets get to the video.


Yelling, shooting, moving.  Chaos.  Now THAT’s good training.

You’ll need to watch this a few times to pick up everything that is happening.  I like that they are continually spraying the fake blood to keep things slippery.


3 comments on “Advance Combat Casualty Care

  1. Smitty says:

    Best advanced combat training I have ever seen. These trainers truly introduce the fog of war in their training.

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