Is This His Plan?

O in uniform

Personally, the linked article looks like sensationalist tripe and innuendo to me.  But that being said, I speculated a while back that the road to little big O becoming a dictator is quite simple:  Indict Hillarybeast, assassinate Trump, suspend the elections, declare martial law, become dictator.  Congress and the SUPCO will fall right in line.  You can’t tell me this isn’t a real possibility.

Trump’s Life Is In Grave Danger-High Profile Assassination Warnings Continue


4 comments on “Is This His Plan?

  1. Grog says:

    That’s a hell of a family tree, to have all those people as distant relatives, unfortunately Carson’s gift of dry humor didn’t pass down, if it’s even true that he’s mixed in with that group.

    As for 0bozo, that’s a possibility, we’ll find out in the next two months, is my guess.

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