Why Y’all mad?

Caution, language! And truth. Oh, my!

The Patriot Perspective

This video made the rounds a week or so ago, so I’m behind the curve on it.  Finally got around to watching it, and it’s hilarious.

It’s also a wonderful rebuttal of some of the Black Lives Matter talking points in intentionally over-the-top style.  In a rather colorful form, he points out many of the errors of leftist-racial theory and narrative.

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Practicing Awareness – Part III — tacticalprofessor

How do you do ‘situational awareness?’ You can’t ‘do’ a noun. —Craig Douglas First of all, let’s distinguish between training and practice. My definition of training is something you do under the guidance and supervision of someone else. Practice is something you do on your own to maintain or hone skills you have or are […]

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