If Stupid Hurt More There Would Be Less Of It

A historic symbol of our nation is about to become a victim of the whiny, wimpy, assholes that force PC down our throats.  I grew up being taught in school that the Boston Tea Party was a significant revolt of tax payers against a British king that had pushed the envelope a little too far.  And it wasn’t just taxes, it was fair trade, land ownership, self government, freedom from the press gangs, and general abuse of the citizens by the soldiers they were forced to quarter. These flags and pins are sold in the Boston Tea Party Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.


But now the race mongers are making an attempt to steal the Gadsden flag by inventing a racist component.  Where they find this I cannot say, and I would challenge real historians to provide a link.  If we could just slap the crap out of these idiots, perhaps the impact would cause one of their little brain cells to vibrate and divide, and with enough ‘anti-stupid slaps’ they might just grow enough of a brain for critical thinking.  I think this is a theory worth pursuing and should be fully funded by the government as a research project.  Then again, we could just set their heads on fire.  I’m good either way.

stupid burns



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