The Difference

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I am not anti-refugee.  This is a nation built by refugees.  But I am against a refugee invasion whose purpose is not to build up our country, but to suck it dry.

Hard work and dedication to a dream of freedom is good.  The dedication to destroy a system while you leech it dry is offensive and an act of war against your host.


5 comments on “The Difference

  1. You talking about the US, UK, or both?
    It don’t matter really does it.
    This world of ours sucks and it’s all the politicians fault.

    • I was speaking as an American, but many nations today became what they are today because of immigrants willing to assimilate and become citizens, following the rule of law in their new home of choice. However, when immigrants spoil the generosity of a host nation while chanting ‘death to …’ they have forfeit their position as immigrants and become attackers. And attackers bent on the destruction of a nation must be met with extreme measures as is normal for the prosecution of war against an invader. Kill ’em all, let Got sort ’em out.

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