Your Worst Nightmare

In a grid-down world, Barney and Betty might decide it is necessary to kill and eat Fred and Wilma.  OPSEC, OPSEC, OPSEC!  Hold those cards close to your chest and keep a sharp eye on the game.


Your Neighbors Could Be Your Worst Nightmare in an Emergency


3 comments on “Your Worst Nightmare

  1. I can verify this. Be careful in who you let know you are a “prepper” that lives around you….when the hammer drops you will be the first person they come running too!

    Happened to me during Hurricane Katrina and Ike, being a softy for babies, I did give a family with 2 infants a case of water and some powdered milk, but when some strangers came looking for free gazoline I had to draw the line. “We ran out of gas yesterday” They said. The hurricane had hit yesterday! “Why did you just have a day worth of gas for your generator?” I asked. “We thought FEMA would help us by now…” The guy said… looking even dumber than when he had first arrived. I laughed and shook my head. “Well you just learned a big lesson about self-reliance.” I walked back into my air conditioned camper and got a couple bottles of water since it was over 100 degrees outside. As my generator hummed like a singer sewing machine in the background they walked away without even a Thank You for the Water…I pulled watch duty that night with my Bushmaster in the event they got froggy….they never did. Found out later they had been asking all over for gas, water and food…your basic run of the mill instincts had served me right.

    • I and some fellow preppers have had a hard time getting the idea of personal responsibility through the thick heads of people we like. And I consider that the pastor of my last church told my prepper buddy that if things got bad he would just come to his house. I was told the same thing by a person that used to be considered a friend and I thought he had enough brain cells to comprehend prepping. Sorry, guys, I will remain calm and shoot you in the face. I haven’t scrimped and saved and denied things to myself and my family for you to descend on my home like a swarm of locusts and ravage my preps. I will help those I can with food, water, and medicine, and I will help others deal with the situation with 230grain hollowpoints.

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