Left Of Bang

Sheepdogs! Do you want to improve your skills and survivability? I have a book recommendation for you. “Left Of Bang” by Horne & Riley explains the Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter Program. The book teaches you how to ‘combat profile’ people and situations in order to see trouble coming and avoid or head it off. The program was created for the Marines to reduce their casualties from IED’s and enemy attacks, and it has worked very well.

You don’t have to be a combatant to use this training, nor is the book geared only towards warfighters. Law Enforcement, security, sheepdogs, and just plain citizens who wish to increase their chances of survival in this violent world can gain great insights and benefits from studying the Combat Hunter Program. Learn to be proactive and not reactive.

The book also provides a link to the program’s website where you can get further training and view videos for practice.

This book is an incredible resource and should be a part of your training as a protector of society. Get it and study it so you will be more effective in your chosen role as a sheepdog.




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